“My son addressed his issues, he became determined to deal with them, and understood it was ok to feel anxious. The sessions enabled me to have conversations with my son knowing I was saying the ‘correct’ things”  Parent of a 12 year old boy (April 2017)

“The sessions were very good with helping me through my bereavement and taught me how to deal with difficult situations. I have become much more sociable again and am a much happier person”  15 year old boy (March 2017) 

“I found the sessions helpful as well because it helped me to talk to him about the difficult situations. It helped him deal with the bereavement with his anxiety issues. It also helped him with his sleeping issues”  Parent of the above 15 year old boy (March 2017)

“I feel stronger and more positive and feel the future is not such a frightening place. It was helpful being able to talk about every problem and not feel judged. I have taken on Mindfulness and purchased the little book as I felt it was so useful”  62 year old female (Feb 2017)

“I feel there has been a great improvement in myself… I felt there was no pressure , noone judging me, friendly environment, setting reasonable and realistic goals/tasks”  23 year old male (Jan 2017)

“I no longer have days where I have full on stress, cry, worry and be angry. I have learnt to cope with my emotions and when I worry, I use the toolbox that Reetta helped me make”  13 year old girl (Feb 2016)

“The discrete piece of work that you have done with B has been very useful. It has helped her clarify her thinking, legitimise her thoughts and feelings, consider alternative perspectives and recognise that there’s a lot she can do to help herself. Hopefully she’ll be able to refer to the strategies and issues discussed with you if she stumbles on trouble again in the future”  Parent of a 14 year old (Jan 2016)

“I was able to relate my worries and feelings to a professional who was able to provide objective advice… The communication and understanding between my daughters and I has improved. I feel better able to tackle the future… I was very happy with the sessions. I felt they were about us and did not just provide generic advice as is sometimes the case”  Parent and two children (Feb 2015)

“Thank you for helping R to be so positive.  He definitely has more confidence and is getting back to his cheeky old self!”  Grandparent of a 17 year old (Sept 2014)

“I am so delighted with the progress my son has made with Reetta as I feel a huge sense of relief. As a parent I had exhausted all my attempts at helping him and didn’t know what else to do. A lot has changed as my son has gone from feeling suicidal without a future to understanding himself a lot more and not putting so much pressure on himself. He has gained some useful skills to help him with his anxiety which has meant that he can function and enjoy life again. Reetta really worked very hard with my son and was extremely flexible in her approach. All the visual aids such as charts and diagrams she used enabled him to describe his feelings in a way he was very comfortable with.  We have them to use for the future. It was also hugely beneficial to have Reetta telephone the school and discuss my son’s issues so that the school is fully aware and understanding of his situation”  Parent of a 15 year old (Dec 2014)

“It was helpful to discuss W’s emotional needs with a professional psychologist for a fresh perspective. We wanted W to have some strategies to support his self esteem and not just how he copes with the school environment.  It was also really useful to have W present as this is the first time a psychologist has interacted with W about his feelings”  Parent of a seven year old (Feb 2015)