One off consultations

We can all benefit from regularly taking some time to think about our psychological wellbeing!

New clients: Sometimes it’s difficult to describe what the issue is or whether you need support with it. Attending a one-off consultation can help you clarify your thoughts and feelings and allow you to explore what is going on with the help of someone psychologically informed, neutral and external. It could be about a decision, dilemma, challenge, change in circumstances, or a mix of issues that you find yourself spending a lot of time thinking about – perhaps a one off consultation can help. Some clients use it as a ‘Psychological M.O.T.’ and leave the session with resource recommendations and ‘top tips’ for strategies to try.

Previous clients: Some clients who have previously seen me for psychological therapy find it useful to maintain their wellbeing by attending ‘top up’ sessions every 6 or 12 months. It can be seen as similar to visiting a dentist for a check up or taking your car for an M.O.T. – your mind also needs looking after. These sessions can be one off and used to review how you have been, ‘top up’ on strategies and think of new ways forward.  Sometimes clients may decide to engage for another block of sessions to work on any issues that have come up since the first block of sessions. Sometimes clients come back at a point when things are going well and they find the reflective space useful. Engaging in psychological therapy when there aren’t any current stressors can be beneficial, as this allows clients the time to think and consider whether they are doing enough self-care, including being kind to themselves, and if there is anything else they might want to do to increase their wellbeing. Sometimes clients may want to use the space to think about issues that have felt too painful to bring up previously. Psychological insight can often be built on when one is feeling well and without too much stress.

If you have a specific goal for your one off consultation / ‘Psychological M.O.T.’, please mention this when booking.